3 Business Benefits to the Angular Framework for Mobile Apps!

Build Your Hybrid Mobile App with Angular JS and Enjoy Numerous Benefits!

According to a recent study, there are over four (4) million websites using Angular JS. And, when it comes to Hybrid Mobile Apps, Angular is growing in popularity every day and today forms the foundation for mobile apps offered by some very large corporations, including PayPal’s transaction and checkout portal, and Delta Airlines app, which provides real-time access for airfares and booking.

Ux is a Real Differentiator for Your Mobile App. Find Out Why!


Many businesses isolate IT evolution and focus on the latest trends. Knowing they must accommodate mobile devices, companies may concentrate only on getting their apps and sites mobile, without regard for performance, or (equally, if not more, important) the User Experience (Ux). Clients who focus only on mobility, without regard for user satisfaction or adoption are much more likely to fail in their efforts. Consumers, employees and all users have an expectation today and that expectation establishes a demand for simple, intuitive apps that anticipate customer needs, and understand the target audience and their preferences, buying behavior and tastes, as well as the trends and techniques used by competitive solutions, security compliance, industry standards etc.


Cloud and Mobile Enabling Enterprise Businesses

Cloud & Mobile Enabling Enterprise Businesses


How to develop a cloud based mobile application that is also a Software as a Service? What if you can build it for say less than $2000.How is it even possible?

Good question.

Let us find out…


To Create Dynamite Mobile Business Apps You MUST Involve the User


Did you know that nearly half of Smart Phone and mobile device users are unhappy with how business mobile applications perform on their devices? Recently, a study revealed that 43% of smart phone users and 41% of tablet users found their mobile business apps less than impressive, when considering simplicity of function or easy access to critical information. When planning for a mobile application, there are many factors to consider if you want to ensure a successful implementation and business user adoption.

User Involvement: First, the IT staff must ensure that the user and employee community is involved in planning and reviewing the requirements and the prototype. If the business wants to avoid a misstep, it must involve the users upfront and understand user skills, the way users need to interact with the application, the types of devices they will use to access information, and the workflow and processes they must employ to complete a task. Involve your users early and they will become your best advocates and champions.