Yahoo to Shopify

Introduction: Are you thinking of migrating your store from Yahoo to Shopify? Then, you have come to the right place. We are Shopify Experts and we have defined here the limitations of Yahoo over Shopify that could help you make your decision quicker and faster.


Yahoo Stores charge you upto 1.50% of each sales transaction (depending on your plan) from your Ecommerce store.

Transaction Fees

Shopify doesn’t charge you anything on the sales, at Shopify you just pay the monthly fees which is inclusive of Ecommerce software and its hosting.

The Developer community at Yahoo Stores is limited to a few which is the reason you pay more even for the simple work and don’t get a lot of theme options too.


With Shopify you a huge list of theme options available to choose from, to get the desired look n feel and great community of developers and experts like us, who support you and provide development services at competitive prices.

Since the developer community is limited and there is lack of ready-made apps, it’s very difficult to get the customization’s required for your specific needs.

Customize apps

Shopify has a large number of apps available in the app store and a great expert community ready to perform customization or develop custom apps for your need.

Conclusion – So, with the clear conclusion we suggest you to migrate to Shopify because of its benefits and avail a FREE support of 6 months through our Expert team of developers. And, get great solution at competitive prices to migrate your complete store with Products, Categories, Customers and Orders along with the new theme along with your current SEO settings.

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