A Datawarehouse and ETL Expert Can Make Data Management Look Easy!

Planning and executing a datawarehousing project can seem daunting. How does one take all that data and all those software solutions and data repositories and pull them together into a functional, easy-to-use data warehouse, data mart, data hub or data lake? Exactly which type of implementation does the business need? How can the business satisfy the needs of the IT staff, the business user and business analysts or data scientists and, even more critically, how can the business use this type of approach to encourage a transition for improved data literacy and digital transformation?

That’s a lot!

But, it doesn’t have to be hard. Unless your IT staff has a lot of extra time on its hands or they have the skills to plan for and recommend solutions and get the work done, you will probably want to consider getting an expert IT consulting partner.

The right data warehouse consultant can help you through a review of data sources, requirements planning, proof of concept, design, configuration and development, migration, testing and implementation and training. You’ll also want to work with an expert that can anticipate your needs for data extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) and ensure that your solution is easy to use and will meet all your needs.  

There’s a lot to do! But, it doesn’t have to be hard if you have the right partner!

Factors That Influence ETL and DWH Success

  • Organizational and user objectives
  • Target audience skills and expectations
  • Target business use case, industry standards and best practices
  • Platforms and technology feasibility
  • Framework and tools selection
  • Data retention, aggregation, volumes, velocity and gravity
  • Compatibility
  • IT infrastructure requirements
  • IT security considerations
  • Compliance with regulations and standards
  • Trends and technologies

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