Successful Digital Transformation Requires Focus!

Technology in Digital Transformation is Just Part of the Equation!

When the technology market adopts a trend and industry and organization conferences and analysts embrace that evolution, it is difficult for a business to resist the trend. Digging in your heels and steadfastly ignoring what your competitors are doing can have serious consequences in business productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue.



So, it is no surprise that organizations are looking at ways to adopt and implement the concept of digital transformation. What is digital transformation? It is defined as new, fast and frequently changing digital technology adopted and leveraged to solve problems and better understand where the business is and where it should be going. Technology in digital transformation often uses cloud computing and mitigates the use of and reliance on hardware that is owned and maintained by the business by increasing subscription- based Cloud Services.

Gartner says that ‘Digital transformation drives organizations to continually refresh their business models, and much of the change will be technology-enabled. Technology is also amplifying continuous change at an ever-increasing velocity.’

All of this sounds great but many businesses are struggling to find a way to successful digital transformation, which requires investment in cultural changes and changes in the way the organization works and thrives, as well as changes in the technology infrastructure of the business. But, if businesses are to remain competitive, they must embrace this evolution. Some estimate that, to remain successful, businesses must transform within the next decade to create an environment that is powered by data, and runs in a multi-cloud world.

Technology innovators must embrace a world that is characterized by constant change and engage in a ‘continuous next’ strategy to position the enterprise for agile product and service delivery. Not surprisingly, the industry leaders in digital transformation include telecommunications, technology and financial services.

If your business wishes to adopt the concept of digital transformation and achieve the benefits and competitive advantage inherent in this approach to the ever-changing business landscape, it might consider partnership with IT consultants and solution providers that provide digital transformation services and can assist the enterprise in understanding the requirements and next steps that will help the organization achieve its goals in a timely and affordable manner.

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