Augmented Analytics with Natural Language Processing!

Clickless Analytics with Natural Language Processing Search Analytics!

We all understand the value and innovation inherent in natural language processing (NLP). Think about the ease of searching for the answer to a question on Google. Users with average skills can ask a question and get an answer, a list of search results that address their interests and support and assistance to take the next step.



When it comes to analytics, the world of Augmented Analytics is evolving rapidly and the use of Natural Language Processing has taken simple analytical search analytics to the next level.

What is search analytics? Search analytics is the process of searching accumulated data to research and understand interactions and relationships among data and content. Business users can leverage NLP search analytics to ask a question that will provide a simple answer to find out which sales person sold the most flower pots in the Northeast Region in October of last year, or what the average maintenance requirement is and when a particular piece of equipment may next need maintenance in a particular plant location.

Using NLP and simple search analytics, business users can create complex searches without programming, extra clicks or complex navigation or commands and they can achieve clear, concise answers and analysis quickly and easily without delay or confusing results. Think of this technique as ‘Clickless Analytics’.

What is Clickless Analytics? Clickless Analytics democratizes advanced analytics so business users can enjoy the benefits of augmented analytics using search analytics that are based on natural language. Your users can simply enter the query in natural language and let the system do the rest. So, the search is ‘clickless’!

Clickless Analytics provides seamless augmented analytics using machine learning and a self-serve approach that is easy enough for every business user so your organization can enjoy swift user adoption, enhanced data democratization, and rapid return on investment (ROI).

Now that you know the value of NLP, search analytics and Clickless Analytics, we encourage you to Contact Us to find out how these innovations can be combined with the concept of augmented analytics to help your business users achieve swift, clear, concise results.

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