Easy Data Access and Management with DWH and ETL

Data Management and Access with DWH and ETL. As Easy as Thimble Organization!

I HATE disorganization. There is nothing more frustrating than knowing you have a particular item and searching everywhere to find it, only to come up empty. I have a friend, Jenny, who collects thimbles and she has everything catalogued! From the date of purchase to the locale where the thimble was made, the age of the piece and in which display cabinet that thimble resides. SO…if she wants to know how many thimbles she has from the U.K., she can get a count. If she wants to know which thimble is the oldest, she can find that information too! Jenny created her own little database to capture and manage this information.



The reason I bring up organization and Jenny’s thimble collection is this: today’s business data is stored in so many places. From ERP software to spreadsheets, best-of-breed solutions, the cloud, data warehouses, and other locations – in short, data is everywhere. So, if you are not organized, if you don’t have a way to integrate, gather and analyze data, you are out of luck and way behind the competition. ETL and Data Warehousing Services can help a business put the pieces together and sort through the chaos to find the right answer, produce reports and make decisions.

To put the pieces together, an enterprise needs to engage expert help. ETL Consultant services and DWH services and support, provide support, skill and knowledge for ETL tools like Talend and Microsoft SSIS and in-memory data processing engines like Spark, Big Data and Columnar Data Stores. You will need skills in star schema, snowflake and tabular data models and data mart and data warehouse projects – ETL and DWH Services can be easily combined with domain expertise and predictive analytics and data science services and with Self-Serve Data Preparation and advanced analytics to achieve enterprise clarity and provide easy-to-use BI tools for business users across the organization.

Look for an expert that can help you define use cases, provide a core design philosophy by working with users, build a prototype, perform technical feasibility for frameworks and platforms and design key elements and controls to make the solutions easy to use and encourage user adoption. If you want to be organized, like my friend Jenny, look no further. These ETL and Data Warehousing Experts can help you!