Assistive Predictive Modeling for Every Business User

How Can Assistive Predictive Modeling Help My Business Users?

Assistive Predictive Modeling allows business users to leverage a self-serve advanced analytical tool and to enjoy complex, sophisticated forecasting and business predictions in a simple, user-friendly dashboard environment – all without the skills of an analyst, data scientist or IT professional.



Predictive Analytics for business users incorporates analytical and forecasting techniques with easy-to-use tools to guide them through recommended techniques and report formats and ensure that the methods and reports they choose are appropriate to the type of data and information they need.

If you are wondering how and why predictive analytics software has expanded into the self-serve business user market, the reason is simple. Every business is operating in a rapidly changing competitive environment and market. In order to achieve goals and objectives and perform well in their respective roles, business users need to analyze data, draw conclusions, predict results and help the organization achieve its goals.

Businesses cannot afford to wait for IT, or professional analysts or data scientists to produce reports. Every enterprise needs a clear guide to results – one that every business user can leverage without expensive, time-consuming training or special skills.

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis offers easy-to-use navigation, drag and drop flexibility and personalized dashboard capabilities, so every user in the organization can plan and make decisions, share data, analyze and make decisions with confidence.

Predictive Analytics Software should be easy to implement, easy to personalize and easy to use. It should provide for rapid ROI and low TCO and allow for easy integration of data from numerous data sources and mobile accessibility that is suitable for every type of device.

Assisted Predictive Modeling allows for planning and forecasting at any point in time, and enables business users and enterprises to test assumptions and theories in a risk-free environment so the business can make changes, add resources, and get to the heart of issues without depending on educated guesses or opinion.

Assisted Predictive Modeling can help your business achieve its goals. If you want to find out more, Contact Us.