Take the Confusion Out of Analytics User Access & Security

Can One BI Tool and Solution Guarantee User Access and Appropriate Security?

I have a few pet peeves but every one of my team members knows ONE of these pet peeves all too well. I HATE spending time and resources on endless report customization and data sharing that never quite makes it to every team member. I hate it when everyone isn’t on the same page! But, I don’t have the time to run to every office and check on what team members are using to make decisions.



I did find a Business Intelligence Tool that helps me by giving me the peace of mind of knowing that every team member has access to the same reports, data controls and access and can, therefore, share and understand information AS a team and make appropriate decisions. The analytics tool I have now provides fine grain access controls so we can develop reports and roll them out to every team member ONCE to provide a uniform, clear, intuitive environment with appropriate access rights by region, territory, role, product responsibility and other factors.

My team members get to see what they need (and are allowed) to see to make decisions and I have the peace of mind of knowing that everyone is working from the same play book to produce quality outcomes and make the best decisions.

The Data Analytics Software I use is simple to use but VERY sophisticated in its features and functionality. So, I have what I need and, as my organization changes, grows and shifts roles and responsibilities, I can accommodate those changes without frustration or lost time or effort.

If this all sounds too easy and good to be true, I am here to tell you that it is very real. My team is happy and one of my worst pet peeves has been resolved. If you want to get on board and develop your own easy-as-pie reporting and analytical environment, you can start here: ReImagine Business Intelligence