Elegant MicroWeb is pleased to announce a value-added working relationship with a well-renowned U.S. software business providing online restaurant ordering and payment software tools to the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) market. This company provides a competitive advantage to local, regional and global restaurant businesses by offering dependable online ordering, integrated with delivery, customer service and payment gateways. Elegant MicroWeb worked with this software company to analyze, test and release an online restaurant ordering system with payment gateways and other system integration.


“The system is used by QSRs in more than 600 locations with high concurrent usage,” says Kartik Patel, CEO of Elegant MicroWeb. “So, it was crucial to ensure stability and dependability among all integrated apps and a foundation that would guarantee great performance and support for high user volume.”

Elegant MicroWeb managed the multiple upgrades and releases to assure a timely and effective delivery of new features and provided more than two years of support and services for the client to ensure sustained, worry-free delivery and a seamless user experience (Ux).

Patel says, “Our Quality Assurance team worked closely with the business product management and development teams to define QA processes and workflow among various teams and to achieve objectives. The challenge was to adopt an approach that would allow the business to continue using a system with high concurrent usage and ensuring availability and a seamless user experience, while managing multiple upgrades and releases to deliver new features.”

Today, many customers depend on this order and delivery system to present restaurant menus, process repeat orders with seamless order recall, provide estimated delivery and take-out times and receive and process order payments.

“Dependable, intuitive app performance improves customer satisfaction and increases the frequency of customer purchases,” Patel says. “By offering these features and performance to its customers, this QSR service provider also supports streamlined processes and decreased labor costs. We are pleased and proud to support our client throughout this critical initiative and we look forward to supporting their needs as the market and their business grows.”

Elegant MicroWeb partners with clients all over the world to conceive and manage testing processes and frameworks with integrated support and collaboration between the Elegant MicroWeb and client teams to assure timely, cost-effective implementation and roll-out of new and upgraded apps and sites.

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