The Journey To Citizen Data Scientist Must Include New Workflow And Processes!

Gartner has rightfully predicted the rise of Citizen Data Scientists. Coming from the ranks of business users, Citizen Data Scientists continue to function in their primary roles and fulfill their responsibilities as they take on the tasks of aligning with Digital Transformation initiatives and improving data literacy. Their new role does require that they embrace some new concepts and become comfortable with analytics and with making decisions using augmented analytical tools.

As the Citizen Data Scientist takes on the new role, there are other considerations that will ensure their success, not the least of which is the new workflow and new processes in which they will engage in order to champion the Citizen Data Scientist approach and bring these concepts into their day-to-day responsibilities.

The steps in the workflow include:

  • Identifying problems and opportunities
  • Finding and preparing data for analysis to explore problems and opportunities
  • Understanding data and patterns and trends using Smart Data Visualization, Predictive Analytics and Self-Serve Data Prep
  • Build use cases and models to support the business and individual roles and responsibilities
  • Collaborate with other business users to share models and make recommendations and decisions
  • Champion the use of augmented analytics and support other business users as they adopt analytics in decision-making

Citizen Data Scientists should also expect that the organization will include the use of augmented analytics and the understanding of the analytical techniques and tools as an element of team member evaluation and should leverage augmented analytics and reporting when making recommendations to management and other team members. These measurable results will add credibility and fact-based consideration to decisions and improve the value of the business user as an asset to the organization.

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