Another classic example of passion turned to profession… Shopify was actually Snowdevil which was an online store for snowboarding equipment found by three friends; Tobias/Daniel/Scott in 2004 at Canada.

The inadequate features provided by then existing e-commerce products in market forced Tobias to build his own solution for Snowdevil. He used the open source web application framework of Ruby on Rails to build the online store for Snowdevil venture after just two months of development. This platform was launched as Shopify in 2006.


Shopify caters to geographic diversity with dedicated portals viz. for Singapore & India added to its international portal.

It develops computer software for online stores and retail Point-of-Sale (POS; also Point of Service) systems.

POS is the time & place where the real transaction of good/service to cash/capital is completed. This results in an invoice as well as transaction receipt (spl. for electronic mode).

Incidentally POS is RMS/Retail Management System because it includes inventory management, membership system, supplier record, quotations & stock transfer, issuing of purchase orders, barcode label creation & sales reporting even.

Shopify offers it’s unmatched comprehension of services starting at 9 USD/month across four pricing tiers of Lite, Basic, Pro & Unlimited.

Shopify enables its market penetration & presence by aid of mobile apps; standalone as well as integrated.

It also hosts “Build-A-Business” competition where the winner gets cash prize as well as mentoring from big names like Richard Branson.

Shopify therefore is essentially a Software as a Service or SaaS model of business licensing. Latest kudos was earned by Shopify last month when Amazon announced it as migration service provider of choice after Amazon’s decision to close its Web store for merchants.

If you need help working or customizing and setting up assistance on Shopify, we have built and delivered several functions that are some useful business purpose functions for Shopify driven businesses.

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Original Source – Genesys of Shopify