Use Analytics to Drive Shopify Store Results!

Get the REAL Information from Your Shopify Solution: Analytics is Easy!

In a time when eCommerce is exploding, a small business owner with an online store might think that all they have to do is post products or services and wait for the money to roll in but nothing could be further from the truth. There are thousands of businesses struggling to pay their bills and wondering why their beautiful online stores are not producing results.

Genesys of Shopify


Another classic example of passion turned to profession… Shopify was actually Snowdevil which was an online store for snowboarding equipment found by three friends; Tobias/Daniel/Scott in 2004 at Canada.

The inadequate features provided by then existing e-commerce products in market forced Tobias to build his own solution for Snowdevil. He used the open source web application framework of Ruby on Rails to build the online store for Snowdevil venture after just two months of development. This platform was launched as Shopify in 2006.