Why Does My Business Need BI Tools with GeoMaps?

So, you’ve got yourself a BI tool! That’s great news. Hopefully, that business intelligence solution includes all the features your business users need to easily gather and analyze data and make recommendations and suggestions, make decisions and fulfill their responsibilities in a way that supports your corporate goals and objectives. While your business may not think it needs all the bells and whistles, there are many hidden benefits to features and tools. Take for example, GeoMapping.

Your organization and business users may not immediately see an application for GeoMaps within the parameters of its work processes and decision-making, but every business deals with issues that relate to location, geographic areas, planning and analysis of what is happening right now.

With GeoMap support, your users can enhance their use of BI tools, leveraging Geo Data and displaying data within an interactive GeoMap. Using this simple tool, team members can analyze data for any location, and define geographic areas with support for drill down, spot lighter and other features. These features integrate seamlessly with business intelligence dashboards with User Interface (UI) compatibility on all devices including tablets, smart phones and other mobile devices, so users have access to this type of data analysis in the office and on the road.

Perhaps your business includes shipping and distribution or tracks security guard or trucking routes, on-time distribution, local services, or maybe you are interested in locations for sales, weather, media coverage or any other facet of business that incorporates location or geographic positioning. GeoMapping can help your team members analyze results, find patterns and solve problems.

If your business wants to use business intelligence tools in creative and meaningful ways, look for a solution that provides GeoMapping, deep dive features and other functionality that will allow your team to be empowered, accountable and effective.

Original Post : Is GeoMapping Something My Business Needs?