Enable Data Literacy & Digital Transformation With Augmented Analytics!

If your business wishes to enable Digital Transformation, it must create a roadmap to achieve results using new or modified technologies, streamlined workflow and processes that will leverage these technologies to enhance information sharing and ensure a consistent, uniform approach to business objectives and goals. It must also encourage and advance Data Literacy within the ranks of its teams. Why is data literacy important?

If your business wants to succeed in Digital Transformation, it is important that all team members understand the importance and the value of making data-driven decisions and that they understand how and when to use technology and analytical tools to analyze and share data that is integrated from sources across the enterprise. If a user is not comfortable with technology, it is unlikely they will adopt the new tools or processes and it IS likely that they continue to try to find workarounds, thereby causing your Digital Transformation initiative to fail.

Look for Augmented Analytics solutions that use machine learning (Auto ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that your systems will communicate with your users in a way that makes sense to them. These solutions leverage natural language so users can ask a question using normal sentence formats and words and receive an answer in the same way.

NLP Search Analytics allow users to gain comfort and confidence using the tools you want them to use so that you can implement new workflows and processes and institute new procedures for data sharing, reporting and decision-making. Support for Digital Transformation is necessary if your business wishes to succeed with these initiatives. One cannot simply declare that the transformation take place. One must create a roadmap that includes a review of existing technology, manual and automated workflow and processes and user confidence in data and tools, and then support the changes by requiring that all team members and managers use the new tools and techniques to complete tasks, perform analysis and share data.  

As business users embrace analytical tools and techniques and new technologies, they will become more comfortable with the new environment and data literacy will improve across the organization.

If you want to engender a Digital Transformation and encourage Data Literacy adopt and use augmented analytics tools that support business users and provide an environment that will increase use and confidence in technologies and data.  Contact Us to get started.

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