How to Evaluate Business Users in Their New Role as Citizen Data Scientist!

When a business initiates a Citizen Data Scientist movement within its ranks, it is important to recognize the other changes that will be required in order to reinforce the value of the program by reviewing and modifying team member evaluation and merit programs to reward Citizen Data Scientists for their collaboration, use of data-driven information in decisions and recommendations and work with Data Scientists, IT and others involved in the new initiative.

When evaluating a new Citizen Data Scientist, the organization must also ensure that these business users are given adequate support for the transition. It is not an effective strategy to hold team members accountable for these expectations if the culture and expectations do not shift to support this initiative. Once these changes are made, the Citizen Data Scientist can be evaluated based on:

These metrics should, of course, be objective, and not based on opinion, so the organization will want to create new, measurable evaluation metrics with which to assess these business users as they take on their new roles.

To provide the best possible understanding for prospective business users being considered for Citizen Data Scientist roles, your business should seriously consider a simple training session like this one that will allow them to understand the new role, how they will work with others, when they will engage analysts or data scientists for assistance, how Augmented Analytics solutions work and the basics of predictive analytics and sample algorithms.

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