Software Product Development expert, Elegant MicroWeb has designed a web-based Idea Management Tool  for a leading, UK based Internet Community, Consultation and eDemocracy solution provider. The tool allows users to create employee, stakeholder, customer, or citizen consultation communities, encouraging employee and customer ideas or criticism. This in turn can be used to focus on structuring the ideas and innovation process to achieve objectives. The application can be used to obtain spontaneous ideas from different stakeholders and even initiate structured sessions on specific subjects.

The community can either be an open community wherein any person with web access can contribute or a closed community where only registered or invited users can participate. This entire process helps the company get deeper insights and more deliberative engagement with customers, stakeholders and thought-leaders. The feedback received about company’s products, services, value or strategies would lead to all-round betterment and growth of the company. Additionally, the application has the ability to generate reports with different levels of detail and export them in CSV format.

Based on a detailed analysis of the requirements, an integrated suite of Idea Management tools with attractive layouts and user friendly wizards was designed by Software Product Development experts at Elegant MicroWeb that allowed users to:

  • Post Ideas & share ideas floated by others
  • Brain storm Ideas
  • Rate Ideas – Vote for Best Ideas
  • Discuss Ideas – Praise, Improve, Comment
  • Develop Ideas – Turn ideas to action through consultation
  • Assign status to Ideas
  • Archive Ideas

Users were classified into 4 types with different rights assigned to each category. Administrator Users could Post Ideas, Invite unregistered or registered users requesting their feedback/comments on selected ideas, Manage Users who will Vote and Discuss Ideas, Assign status to each idea, Categorize Ideas, Archive and publish ideas, Publish and Generate Reports.

Registered Users could Post, View and comment on an idea. Invitation User could view, rate and comment on select idea(s) whereas Anonymous Users could only view ideas and posted comments.

Software Product development expert,Elegant MicroWeb successfully designed and deployed the web based, idea management tool on client’s server. User Acceptance Testing was carried out by client and Elegant MicroWeb.

The wide ranging experience and technical expertise of Elegant MicroWeb’s Software Product Development team along with excellent customer coordination resulted in the Idea Management Tool being completed on time within budgeted costs.

Tools and Platforms

  • Front-end : 2.0
  • Back-end: SQL
  • Application Server: IIS 6
  • Platform : Windows
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