Predictive Analytics Use Case: Maintenance Management!

Businesses do not want to be surprised by downtime, equipment failure or the cost of unanticipated equipment replacement. If the enterprise can anticipate the need for equipment maintenance and downtime, it can plan more effectively for product output, resource requirements and expenses.


For a business that must purchase, maintain and replace equipment, it is crucial to anticipate resource requirements and plan for related expenses for hours on the job as well as the training required to maintain existing and new equipment.

With predictive analytics, the business can leverage data from various systems and software to take the guesswork out of production equipment maintenance and anticipate routine maintenance. The enterprise can plan to order parts and schedule downtime for equipment. For a business that places and maintains equipment in a customer location, this type of planning is just as crucial. The enterprise does not want to risk its reputation with unanticipated downtime or the loss of revenue for its customers.

Augmented analytics tools can be very beneficial for planning in the manufacturing and production environment, in utility and infrastructure businesses and in service industries. Forecasting necessary maintenance and equipment replacement and ensuring that the business is ready with resources and funding is critical and will help the business to optimize parts and inventory management, schedules and training, costs, customer satisfaction and revenue.

Your business can leverage Predictive Analytics to plan for and anticipate maintenance, investment, changes in resources and training requirements and supply chain management for parts, shipping, etc.

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