Software Testing

After decades of business use, the word ‘Quality’ seems hackneyed, but let me tell you, when you don’t have quality, you don’t have much – especially in technology!It doesn’t matter if your IT consulting firm or technology partner performs well once in a while. You want them to perform well all the time. What if you went to a play and paid a lot of money for your ticket and the performance was poor? It doesn’t matter that the staff told you the performance was good last night – you want it to be good when it is your money and time at stake! You want it to be good EVERY TIME!If you engage Offshore Outsourcing for software development, application development, IT consulting, staff augmentation or any other purpose, you want excellence and consistent standards on every project and with every interaction. You want development skills and processes that are centered on the quality process and quality control, as evidenced by the comprehensive, independent ISO 9001:2008 certification for all major processes, including project management, software product development and after sales services.


ISO Quality Management System (QMS) standards ensure that quality methodologies and processes are used throughout every phase of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), including software testing services and software automated testing.

When you employ an outsourcing company who complies with QMS standards and ISO 9001:2008 certification you can be sure that every solution will meet the business and performance requirements documented during the requirements planning phase and throughout the detailed design and build phases.

If you want a team that is dedicated to QMS standards and to the quality process, look no further for quality assurance process or drop a line to