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I spend a lot of time explaining the idea of self-serve business intelligence and helping people understand that self-serve BI tools do not, by their nature, open the door to data chaos or data anarchy. IT pros, managers and business people often confuse self-serve access to business intelligence with poor security, privacy erosion and data control issues.


If your business chose the wrong business intelligence solution, you may indeed have a problem with data anarchy. Data Anarchy occurs when:

  • Critical data sources reside in the same repositories as ungoverned data
  • Data is accessed directly with only high level security permission
  • Multiple versions of the same data exist within the enterprise
  • There is no Fine Grain Access Rights Management to control data access
  • BUT, don’t be discouraged. Real self-serve BI tools do exist and these solutions don’t ask you to choose between data security and self-serve access. You can get a mobile, self-serve business intelligence tool that offers dependable, secured, Data Governance with IT controlled centralized semantic meta-data layer so business users can access data without direct access to underlying data sources. Governed Data Discovery allows users to gather, manage and deliver data in an interactive, friendly manner, without compromising data integrity, security or the source chain of data.

If you are looking for that elusive combination of self-serve BI for your business users and rich, robust data governance tools, just contact the experts and get on with your BI self-serve project! ReImagine Self-Serve BI Tools

Original Source – Self-Serve BI and Data Governance: Not Mutually Exclusive