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Elegant MicroWeb announces the completion of the IdeaLab cloud migration as part of an ongoing partnership with Organized Feedback. The migration of the Organized Feedback IdeaLab product to the Azure platform leverages the Elegant MicroWeb Microsoft partnership and its experience with Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to ensure the advantages of a secure, scalable platform, and extend the capabilities and benefits to IdeaLab customers and the reach of Organized Feedback in the field of Idea Management.


“The Elegant MicroWeb collaboration with Organized Feedback is extremely beneficial and valuable for customers of Organized Feedback and for the Organized Feedback and Elegant MicroWeb teams,” says Elegant MicroWeb CEO, Kartik Patel. “The IdeaLab product provides applications for innovation and employee idea management to foster innovation, and ensure the democratization of the workplace and the citizens.”

The migration of the IdeaLab product to the cloud-based Azure platform provides multi tenant software architecture in a secure, scalable environment that is quick to roll out, and easy to manage and can support multiple apps and data for multiple clients. This platform offers seamless compliance with all data security and data center standards, and provides for a choice of location options for applications and data. The Organized Feedback IdeaLab migration project included innovative, in-depth redesign and reengineering as well as cloud migration to expand and ensure easy access and multi-layered security as well as to improve solution performance.

This cloud migration also benefits many of the Organized Feedback customers who are in the public sector and government environments. These businesses are subject to stringent IT and data security standards. Many have specific mandates to host data and applications within the confines of a particular geography. With the Microsoft Azure platform, these businesses are able to meet all IT and data security compliance requirements and standards and choose geographic location with simple configuration. Jim Sproat, Managing Director of Organized Feedback says of Elegant MicroWeb, “The collaboration with Elegant MicroWeb can serve as a model for all companies both to exploit their comparative advantages and as a way to enter new markets where local knowledge brings dividends.”

“For over fifteen years, we have sustained a rewarding partnership with Organized Feedback,” says Patel. “Our team conceives, designs and implements solutions to build on the success of Organized Feedback as a trusted Idea Management provider, so they can satisfy the changing needs of the market, stakeholders and customers who depend on them to provide the foundation for collaboration and Idea Management.”

About Elegant MicroWeb:

Elegant MicroWeb is a Microsoft partner, and is ISO 9001:2008 certified, with more than a decade of experience serving customers around the world, and provides offshore software development services, product development services, and Business Intelligence solutions with proven delivery models.

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