Self-Serve BI Tools Are Just the Beginning!

Does Your Self-Serve BI Tool Provide Flexibility to Support Social BI?

Self-serve business intelligence tools are no longer new. Nearly every BI tool vendor has an offering in the market. But, not every business intelligence tool is equally useful.



To be truly ‘self-serve’ a Business Intelligence Dashboard must be flexible (not restrictive). It must allow for personalization, rather than being designed (and controlled) by the IT staff or data analysts. No team or individual within the organization can anticipate every business user need and, when business intelligence dashboards are designed to be static, rather than truly interactive, they shackle users and put obstacles in the way of true market and competitive advantage and true analytical insight.

So, while there are many Self-Serve BI Tools offerings out there, you can ReImagine Business Intelligence to give your business users the tools they need, with advanced data discovery, flexible BI reporting that is designed to allow users to create intuitive reports that are easy to share and will encourage social BI and all-important data popularity to enhance productivity and accountability across the enterprise.

If you want to satisfy your self-serve business intelligence requirements and inspire business users to adopt and leverage these tools to the benefit of the team and the organization, you can get started here: Business Intelligence Software

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