Is Assisted Predictive Modeling Right for My Business?

Plug n’ Play Predictive Analysis for Accurate Forecasting!

There are numerous considerations when a business looks at upgrading or acquiring an analytical solution. One very important capability is Put n’ Play predictive analysis. Assisted Predictive Modeling and predictive analysis tools should include sophisticated functionality in a simple environment that is easy for every business user.



Organizations should carefully review solutions to ensure that the prospective solution includes predictive algorithms (associative, decision trees, classification, clustering and other techniques) that will allow business users to explore hypothesis and assumptions using Advanced Data Discovery and provide recommendations to perform early prototyping, and drastically reduce the time and cost of analysis and experimentation.

Predictive Analytics is crucial to forecasting and predicting the future of its market, and a business operation, as well as market competition, and customer buying behavior. Plug n’ play predictive and forecasting tools allow an enterprise to transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists by enabling users with sophisticated predictive algorithms and allowing these users to leverage the tools without the expertise and skill of a trained data scientist.

When users are given dynamic, powerful tools, it is easier for them to achieve goals, share information, make confident decisions, understand trends and quickly adjust processes and activities to achieve the best results.

Explore the Smarten approach to plug n’ play predictive analytics and take the shackles off your business users.

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