Self-Serve Data Prep with Data Governance AND Agility!

You Can Achieve Data Governance AND Data Agility!

Self-Serve Data Prep: You Can Have Data Agility AND Data Governance!

When you are considering an augmented analytics solution, you will want to look at the capabilities for self-serve data preparation (SSDP). This functionality allows business users to gather and prepare data for analytics without the help of data scientists, IT or data analysts.



While some organizations may think this path will lead to data anarchy and the inability to ensure data governance, nothing can be further from the truth! IT staff and senior management may be concerned about losing control of data access and about data security. I know that data governance is a real concern and it should not be minimized but there is no reason to change course and decide against self-serve augmented analytics solutions. The benefits of these solutions cannot be overstated.

With the right Augmented Analytics solution, the organization can achieve data agility and data sharing and improve data literacy across the organization while, at the same time, providing users with appropriate access to data in a uniform, intuitive environment. The enterprise can achieve data-driven decisions and share data across the enterprise to improve the value of every team member by giving them the right information at the right time.

To ensure data governance, your enterprise must deal with open access, multiple platforms, multiple user devices and types, integrated data repositories and the self-serve concept. A solution that provides a balance between data agility and access and data governance and security can provide solid, dependable information and the ability for users to leverage Self-Serve Data PreparationAssisted Predictive Modeling and Smart Data Visualization while protecting the organization from risk and mitigating security issues.

If you want to explore the opportunities of a balanced data agility and data governance approach, you can start here: Self-Serve Data Preparation.

Original Post: You Can Achieve Data Governance AND Data Agility!