Get Self-Serve Data Prep AND Data Security!

Self-Serve Data Prep Balances Data Agility with Data Governance!

If your business understands the value of self-serve data preparation and augmented analytics, but your IT team or senior management is concerned about data governance and data security, you need not worry. You can use self-serve data prep tools and self-serve data ETL for data extraction, transformation and loading and still ensure appropriate data governance.



Augmented Data Preparation need not result in security risks. Business users can enjoy Self-Serve Data Preparation, be more productive, empowered and accountable and get answers more quickly to produce accurate information and base decisions on facts. They need not wait for data scientists or IT to gather and prepare data. They can do it on their own!

Data agility is crucial in this fast-paced business world. What good is data if is buried, scattered or out-of-date? If you could balance data agility with data governance and data quality, how great would that be?

The right Self-Serve Data Prep solution provides tools to ensure that the IT team can control appropriate user access and data security at the individual, team, department, division and corporate level, without sacrificing data democratization, and if necessary in your environment, the IT team can curate validated data, and identify and highlight data, images with tags or ‘watermarks’. This process is not necessarily required for every type of data but by establishing priorities for when and how these labels are applied; the organization can significantly improve user comprehension and appropriate analysis.

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Original Post: Get Self-Serve Data Prep AND Data Security!