Self Service Data Preparation Takes the Complexity Out of Data Prep!

When asked about using an analytical solution to find and use data and make decisions, many business users feel insecure about the process required to get to the results. Data preparation has traditionally been the domain of a data scientist, a business analyst or an IT professional.

But, that is no longer true! Data extraction, transformation and loading – ETL tools – are now designed for business users with easy-to-use Self-Serve Data Prep (SSDP) processes that allow a business user with average technical skills to gather and prepare data for analysis without a lot of training and without investing a lot of time in the process.

The old ETL software required training and Data Scientists often used manual procedures to prepare data for analysis. That process meant that business users, managers and other team members had to wait for a skilled professional to receive a request, and then to prepare the data for analysis and analyze that data and produce a report. That process resulted in delay and by the time analysis was delivered, the team member often had to make the decision without the data because of the timing and the delay.

Today, Self Service Data Preparation allows business users to leverage data preparation software with a data cleaning tool and a data transformation tool, and the ability to transform, shape, reduce, combine, explore, clean, sample and aggregate data, without the need for SQL skills, ETL or other programming language.

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Original Post: Self-Serve Data Prep Speeds Data Analytics!