It’s Only an Ocean Away…Get with the Outsourcing Program!


I’ve heard all the excuses. Outsource to an offshore IT company and pay a lot of money for rotten communication and a yucky ending to your project or relationship. That is SO yesterday! Today’s most reputable offshore outsourcing IT vendors employ the best resources and serve custom software development needs, ongoing support and maintenance and everything in between.

Not every vendor gets an A+ in service or experience, so do your homework. Find a vendor with great references; one that is located in a business-friendly environment that provides the best IT resources, a dependable infrastructure and a positive government and business relationship. Find a vendor with experience handling client relationships across time zones; one that can handle multi-cultural, multi-lingual relationships; one with cutting edge technology, quality and leadership.


I like vendors with experience in many countries over a period of years; one who can act as an extension of my team. I don’t want to beg for service and support! AND, I want experience in multiple vertical industries…a vendor who can handle clients that are large or small!

Dependable, responsive resources and methodologies? Check. Dedicated team, accessible, motivated and talented? Check. Cutting edge skills and technology? Check. ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management certification? Check. Comprehensive system and infrastructure security? Check. Great ROI and value add? Check. Affordable fee structures, limited risk and no capital investment? Check, check AND check!

Great news! You can find the right offshore, outsourcing IT consultant at, or email Check it out and get over the whole “offshore services are undependable and expensive” thing. It’s SO outdated!