What’s Predictive Analytics All About and Why Should I Care?

Why Sasha Doesn’t Need to Fear Predictive Analytics!

My friend Sasha asked me about Predictive Analytics (knowing it was my favorite subject). Like most other business people, Sasha has a lot of professional knowledge but no exposure to analytics and the concept of Predictive Analytics is frightening and foreign to her. If your business team wants to up its game and get into predictive analytics, it really isn’t that hard. You can select an augmented analytics tool that allows your business users to leverage these features without a data science or business analyst background.

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Customer Churn Analysis!

Predictive Analytics Use Case: Customer Churn Analysis!

Every business understands the importance of acquiring and sustaining its customer base. In a competitive, global economy, even the smaller local businesses can lose customers to competitors on the other side of the world. The cost of acquiring a new customer includes marketing and advertising, resources and personnel, customer support, search engine optimization and more. The cost to sustain a customer relationship is equally important and encompasses customer care, online and personal support, the cost of introducing new products and services, the cost of targeting specific customers with discount, offers and outreach designed to keep the customer engaged and interested.