Want to Select the Right Offshore Outsourcing Company? Magic Is In Your Requirements

The concept of IT offshore outsourcing is no longer new, but there are some things that remain true in this industry, and those things are worth repeating. To select the right offshore outsourcing services, it is critical to take the time to develop a detailed set of requirements and to ask the prospective service providers specific questions about their services and their service level agreements (SLAs). The following list of factors is, by no means, complete, but it will give you a starting point from which you can work to design your own detailed requirements: Cost: How does the offshore outsourcing company measure up to the competition in terms of the cost vs. value of services? Are you paying a premium for less experienced team members? Is the pricing model flexible to accommodate long-term and short-term needs and increasing or decreasing needs for resources and services? What type of contracts, licensing, and fee structures and pricing does the vendor offer or require?
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