Perils of $8 or $10/hr Development Companies

There is nothing wrong in being able to price low and selling at half or less than half the price as long the service quality is at least 80% of the sustained market price.Low priced services offering matching quality often tend to be disruptive to the markets and customers benefit significantly from what has to be done. However, being simply low priced and expecting the economics and sociology to work on its own is something that will equate to having one size fits all approach to business.
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RWD IS Relevant! Seniors, Women, Men...Doesn't Matter...They ALL Shop on Their Smart Phones


When it comes to responsive web design and mobile application development, you may think that much of your online customer base is immune to the attraction of shopping on their smart phones, but you would be wrong. No matter the age or gender of your target audience, more consumers are shopping on their smart phones and, if your site isn’t suitable for the shopping experience, you will lose customers!

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