Consider Software Re-Engineering to Protect Your Investment!

Software Reengineering is Key to Business Viability!An ERP Software Re-Engineering Project Will Save Your Technology Investment!

When a business invests in software and applications, it invests time and money and training. It comes to depend on the software and solutions and its team members become familiar with the ebb and flow of information and the resulting business processes and workflow that grows up around these solutions.

Whether your Software Development  is done in-house, outsourced or a mixture of both, you probably have legacy systems, best-of-breed, and targeted ERP software systems to address everything from HR to finance, accounting, distribution, purchasing, marketing, customer support and every other aspect of your business and teams.

But, there is one overarching problem that every business faces. Almost as soon as it implements and deploys its software, technology changes and, over a very short period of time, the business can outgrow the solution or change in customer-facing systems or software integration and mobile applications can begin to create silos or to result in loss of user confidence and data accuracy and reach.

A review of systems and solutions and a plan for ERP Software Reengineering can help the enterprise to address user experience (Ux) issues, performance, access and security, and ease-of-use without scrapping application and software. A software reengineering project can ensure that the business is able to leverage its investments and its training initiatives while upgrading its technologies to better serve its team and its partners, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Explore your opportunities for Software Re-Engineering and our Case Studies for Software Reengineering projects completed for other businesses.


Custom Software Development and Software Product Expertise!

Software Product Development Takes Specific Expertise!
Custom Software Products and Software Product Development Services! Software product development is a distinctive process that requires a different set of skills and knowledge from the average software application development project. A custom software development company can ensure your success by creating a software product with a full suite of services that includes state-of-the-art software engineering practices, appropriate technical architecture, versioning control, detailed technical and user documentation and high development and quality standards.
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Get a Pro in Software Product Development!

Norman's Software Product Development Problem
Is Software Product Development the Same as Application Development? My friend, Norman got himself into trouble! He needed some extra help to design a software product for the market, and he needed it done right. His team interviewed and selected a company with application development experience and quickly discovered that they really couldn't make the transition from application development to software product development.
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Software Product Development Made Easy!

Make Your Software Product Development Project a Real Success
Software Product Development is NOT the Same as Standard App Development! If your enterprise wants to create a software product for the consumer or business market, your executive team may want to hand over the project to an internal IT team. If your in-house IT team is up to the challenge, that's great. But, for most enterprises, the prospect of creating a software product for market is daunting and typically results in cost and time overruns and does not succeed.
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Software Product Development is NOT the Same as Software Application Development

Software Product Development is NOT the Same as Software Application Development If your business is considering a software product development project for the consumer market or to build an app for internal use, you must consider one thing, above all else, before you start looking for a software product development company. There is a distinct difference between software application development and software product development, and if you choose a partner who does not understand this difference, your project is not likely to succeed.
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Case Study: Customer Loyalty Software Product Widget for UK eConsulting, Market Research Firm

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a UK eConsulting, Market Research business to design a web-based widget to measure customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. Customers were asked just one question. Responses were analyzed to enhance and improve products and services over the period. The widget had to be easy to configure, and easy to promote and use. Personalized emails were sent, so users could respond without the need to register. Feedback request could be offered via various web channels to maximize participation.
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