Software Product Development is NOT the Same as Software Application Development

If your business is considering a software product development project for the consumer market or to build an app for internal use, you must consider one thing, above all else, before you start looking for a software product development company. There is a distinct difference between software application development and software product development, and if you choose a partner who does not understand this difference, your project is not likely to succeed.


If your partner has focused exclusively on software application development services, its team may not understand the requirements and scope of a software product development project. These projects must include state-of-the-art software engineering practices and technical architecture, versioning control, technical and user documentation, and high development and quality standards. The team must refine product requirements, and create and manage goals and risk, and perform market analysis, comparative analysis, and functional and technical feasibility studies to facilitate and accelerate growth and market success.

In short, if you plan to undertake a software product development project, go with the experts.