user-experience-EM-Blog-1When an organization undertakes a software reengineering project, it is often because a solution is not performing well in terms of scalability, mobile navigation or other issues. One of the things that may get left out of the software reengineering services is the issue of user experience design. Ux Design is critical to the user satisfaction (whether your users are in-house or consumers), and will affect user adoption, productivity and the overall success of the application, portal or site.


If your team or IT consultant does not include a thorough review and understanding of Ux design requirements in its assessment, the application or project is likely to fail. Software and apps are meant to be used by people and people have certain expectations, especially in this age of smartphone application development. Users want (and deserve) an app that meets expectations for the market, for ease-of-use, and for the visibility, brand recognition and success of the organization and its technology solutions and goals.

If you want to explore the opportunities of software re-engineering and Ux design, you can start by reading these Case Studies, and Services.