Mobile-BI-Blog-1A business intelligence tool is only valuable if it is accessible and In today’s mobile world, a mobile business intelligence tool is a necessity. Business users are now empowered with data democratization and social BI is more popular than ever. But, all of that is out of reach if your tools are not mobile.


Give business users BI and analytics in the form of mobile business intelligence software, so they have the tools they need to find, analyze and share data, in the office, on the road- anywhere! Your business doesn’t stop running when your team is on the road. Inattention results in missed opportunities and problems that go unresolved. The business intelligence tools you provide must be designed for ease-of-use on any smart phone, tablet or device, no matter the screen size, and performance and scalability is critical to user adoption and satisfaction.

The Smarten approach to Advanced Analytics is the next step on a journey that began with the ElegantJ BI comprehensive BI solution and the mobile business intelligence vision and execution. Smarten provides solid support for data democratization and the transformation of business users to Citizen Data Scientists.

If you want to take full advantage of business intelligence software, make sure you select a mobile business intelligence tool.

Original SourceA Business Intelligence Tool Must be a MOBILE Business Intelligence Tool!