rsz_mobile-bi-blog-3Every business is mobile these days! Whether you have a large, medium or small business or you are a sole proprietor working in a home office, you are on the go and you need business intelligence tools that provide mobile BI dashboards and advanced data discovery and analytics to support your business decision, identify issues and opportunities and keep your business moving in the right direction. In the past, BI tools were difficult to use and limited or restricted to access within the office or by certain individuals in the organization. You need ready to use, out of the box business intelligence, without restrictive licensing.


Reimagine BI with mobile BI that supports you, your users and your business success. Why accept restrictive, cumbersome business intelligence solutions when you can enjoy the ease of high-performance mobile BI software that will work on any size or type of device. Empower users with integrated, interactive, personalized views and advanced analytical features that enable data sharing, identification of trends and patterns and user empowerment and accountability.

If you are ready to leave those restrictive BI tools behind, and leverage the power of mobile BI, we invite you to explore the advantages of the Smarten approach to BI tools to encourage data democratization and help your organization achieve business success.

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