Case Study: Integrated Online Volusion eCommerce Site for US Clothing and Footware Co.

A U.S. casual clothing and footwear superstore engaged Elegant MicroWeb to help them design their website using the Volusion eCommerce framework. The client wished to provide its customers with an intuitive, secured, hassle-free online shopping experience in which to browse and shop for apparel, clothing accessories, swimwear and footwear.

The challenge was to effectively address all integration, development and customization requirements within the Volusion framework and provide a third party tax calculation tool and all required integration. This was, perhaps, the first project of its kind world-wide that would incorporate all these unique, detailed requirements into one Volusion eCommerce solution. The Elegant MicroWeb team developed product related APIs to import products for add/update/delete functionality, and to export orders. The team also designed a complex XML integration of the Volusion framework for product management, product categories and product options, and product fulfillment, as well as integrating Pro-Mail and Carhartt and a third-party tax calculation tool to compute taxes based on state, category and products.

Lots of Factors Influence Success in Online Sales! The Volusion eCommerce Solution is One of Them!


If you read this blog, you know that I am knee-deep in the world of technology. In recent years, I’ve spent a lot of time fielding requests from my executive team to create online sales channels that would improve our bottom line. There are a lot of ways to accomplish this and a lot of factors that figure into online sales success.Today, I want to talk a little about eCommerce online stores and shopping carts. Whether you sell products or services, you need a sales site that is easy for clients to use and one that will support and link to your other sites. However, most companies don’t have the money, time or knowledge to build their own online framework and, even if they did, that framework would have to function across multiple platforms and be usable on numerous stationary and mobile devices.