Offshore is AWESOME! Get Yourself a Secret Weapon

I recently met a colleague at a conference and we were talking about the importance of partnerships. I told my colleague that for a number of years, our business has leveraged offshore services and he seemed quite surprised. That conversation reminded me that many people are still under the impression that offshore partnerships are unwieldy, undependable and result in poor outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key to a successful offshore partnership is the same as the key to any relationship. You have to choose the right partner!
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The detriment of 10$/hr coders!

Starting off with the business of generating leads, the offers on Google ad-words are remarkably flooded with organizations that are doing $8/hr or $10/hr prices for experienced developers. How does that work? Are the cost of developers in India so low? or is it the price war triggered by ample competition from freelance community of developers?
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