I recently met a colleague at a conference and we were talking about the importance of partnerships. I told my colleague that for a number of years, our business has leveraged offshore services and he seemed quite surprised. That conversation reminded me that many people are still under the impression that offshore partnerships are unwieldy, undependable and result in poor outcomes. Nothing could be further from the truth. The key to a successful offshore partnership is the same as the key to any relationship. You have to choose the right partner!


Not only do I think that my offshore partnership is important, I also think it is my secret weapon! Whether you work in a software company or a web agency, an offshore partnership with the right partner can allow you to focus on your core competencies and tasks and your team can work hand-in-hand with a partner to add broad and deep skills and get the job done. You can improve your bottom line with cutting-edge solutions for your customers and partners, and you can enjoy 24×7 support. Whether you need short-term support or support for long-term initiatives, you can get help from an offshore partner. You don’t have to acquire new resources, you don’t have to choose between projects or become frustrated by delays, false starts or poor outcomes.

Your management will wonder how you juggle all those priorities and make it look so easy! Get your own secret weapon here: Offshore Outsourcing Services