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Public Sector and Government Organizations Need Expert IT Partners! If you work in the public sector or in a government enterprise, your business practices, standards and compliance requirements are very specific. Sometimes you must comply with standards set for a country, a function or security and legal regulatory guidelines. Working with IT partners and service providers can be challenging, if these service providers do not understand the requirements or the environment in which your team functions.
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Elegant MicroWeb Team Builds Dynamic Digital Content Library for Gujarat Tourism

Elegant MicroWeb Team Builds Dynamic Digital Content Library for Gujarat Tourism
Elegant MicroWeb, a trusted partner for quality software delivery, built and implemented a centralized digital library portal for the Tourism Department of the State of Gujarat in India to categorize and search content and share the digital content with internal and external stakeholders. Content includes images, videos, sound files and more.
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Case Study: Online Solution Achieves Optimal Redundancy, Resettlement Mgt.

A leading project management consulting company in the U.K. wanted Elegant MicroWeb to develop an innovative solution to manage communication and administration among stakeholders involved in the redundancy and resettlement process. To meet the business objectives, the management tool would have to allow for coordination and monitoring of individual resettlement, no matter how many players are involved in the process or how large the scale of redundancy.
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You Don't Need a Super Hero to Protect Your Users and Your Business Reputation

When one considers the brave new world of responsive web design and mobile applications, there is nothing more important than ensuring enterprise security. Data access, security policies and personal, data and network access protection is key to providing appropriate security, mitigating business risk and ensuring government and legal compliance regarding privacy and data protection for consumers, employees and stakeholders. Therefore, data and security governance policies must be carefully considered for mobile applications, with appropriate, comprehensive user authentication and data protection policies.
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