There are a lot of things to like about the MEAN cross-platform development environment! This article explores just two of the things developers (and by extension, businesses) like about using the MEAN cross-platform development approach.

Before we point out the two best things about MEAN Stack Development, let’s review some basic information about MEAN. This development environment is a popular choice for hybrid mobile application development and cross-platform development. It has grown in popularity and today there are many options for development tools to support the MEAN Stack approach.

Here are the components of MEAN :

  • Mongo DB : A NoSQL, scalable, flexible database.
  • Express JS : Enables large scale web and mobile applications using micro services architecture.
  • Angular JS : A rich, popular framework with powerful tools for cross-platform application development.
  • Node JS : Streamlines server-side scripting for fast, scalable processing.
The 2 Best Things About MEAN Cross-Platform Development

The combination and flexibility of these tools provides two important benefits to developers and businesses:


MEAN leverages JavaScript which is a free, open-source toolkit, so the cost of development is low. Because there are many developers in the community who are skilled in JavaScript, choosing MEAN for cross-platform projects ensures that the business can easily source developer partners for current and future projects and be assured that they will have the skills to complete the project. Additionally, the cost of MEAN projects are traditionally quite reasonable because MEAN stack requires a small footprint and so decreases business overhead.


MEAN provides support for the business and its users and/or customers by allowing for quicky and efficient design and development of simple, intuitive, open source solutions. These software applications and software products are easy to maintain and upgrade and MEAN is rich and robust enough to satisfy complex hybrid mobile application and cross-platform app needs and Cloud solutions.

There are many other reasons a business or development team might select MEAN for its cross-platform development project. Here, we have discussed just two of them, to give your business an idea of some of the benefits. Creating a cross-platform application that is cost effective and flexible can help your business achieve its goals, generate revenue and be more competitive.

If your business wants to take a cross-platform approach to software applications or mobile applications, you need to engage an IT consulting partner with MEAN skills and experience to help you conceive and develop your application. Find out how MEAN Stack Development Services can help your business achieve its goals. For more information, visit our Blog.

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