With Augmented Analytics Tools You Can Gain Insight and Track Business Results!

If you own or work in a business, you know that, while you are busy doing what you do on a daily basis, things can change. The change itself is challenging but what is more challenging is staying abreast of what is changing, where it is changing and how it is impacting the business. If you aren’t aware of the change, things can sneak up on you. Your business can get off track and, if you aren’t aware of that misstep, you risk greater loss as time goes by. At the same time, the changes that occur that might provide a market opening or an opportunity can also fall by the wayside if you are not paying attention.

At this point, you are probably thinking that staying abreast of these changes is nearly impossible, given the hundreds of other things on which your team must focus in order to keep the business running. The good news is that the business does not have to sacrifice agility or focus in order to monitor and manage the ever-changing business landscape.

With augmented analytics, business users with average technical skills, can monitor and track results, trends and patterns and understand anomalies and issues without hiring a team of data scientists or adding resources. These tools support the evolving role of Citizen Data Scientists so business users can to gather information, establish metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs), identify crucial volatility and anomalies, and receive auto-suggestions and information to clearly identify the root cause of problems and target opportunities. Business users can identify key influencers and variables that affect targets, customers, competitive positioning, etc.

This process does not require business users to constantly check results. Rather, it allows the team to establish KPIs and targets and set alerts so that automated reports and email are pushed to the team. These alerts include graphics and visuals to tell the story and help the business user quickly and easily understand what is happening so no one is wasting time!

The team can solve problems by understanding what has changed and the cause of the problem, and they can identify opportunities to improve performance. Users can detect anomalies, increases, decreases, volatility and trends for the targeted KPIs and, more importantly, understand the reasons for these issues, trends and patterns.

If your business wants to gain valuable insight into the changing business environment and address challenges and opportunities quickly, your team can leverage Smarten SnapShotAuto Insights and Key Influencer Analytics. These tools enable business users to quickly establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and personalized alerts and reports to monitor and measure results with powerful, clear, concise results that help users to understand and manage the variables that impact their targets and their results. Contact Us today to get started.

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