Where is the Love? Offshore Outsourcing for the Skeptic

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Remember the days when offshore and outsourcing were two of the worst words you could utter in an IT environment? Some twenty odd years ago, my CTO and IT Director nearly took my head off when I suggested that we consider offshore outsourcing, so that we could focus on our core business. That was yesterday!Today, you can find a really great offshore outsourcing partner; one that will deliver seamless services. Your users, employees, customers, partners and suppliers will never know that you are delivering all these wonderful products and services with a little help from your offshore outsourcing buddies!


Wanted: Dependable, Trustworthy, IT Partner with Great Skills. Must Look Good in Jeans!


There are a lot of partnerships! Dance Partners, Tennis Partners. It seems to me that one of the most important partnerships to a business and technology person is the partnership forged between an IT consulting partner and your company.OK, so I was kidding about looking good in jeans, but the rest is really important! If you want to achieve your goals, your partner must provide skill and experience across platforms and industries, for all types of clients, including Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). They should offer direct client services, and partner with carefully selected local and regional technology companies to offer more options. You’ll want domain expertise, product development skills, implementation processes and methodology and an approach to partnerships that creates and sustains long-term relationships.