The Benefits of Advanced Analytics Are Numerous!

What Are the Advantages of Augmented Analytics?

Advanced analytics benefits are too numerous to mention! What if your business users could leverage self-serve advanced analytics to see and use data in a way that made their jobs easier and made them more of an asset to the business?



Augmented Analytics advantages support users by empowering them and encouraging user adoption with auto-recommendations and suggestions that help them visualize data in a way that makes sense for the type of data they are analyzing. Assisted predictive modeling suggests techniques to analyze data that will result in the right outcome for the goals of the analysis. Self-serve data preparation walks the user through the data preparation process so that they can easily prepare data for analysis without the assistance of IT or a data scientist.

The benefits of Advanced Analytics include data sharing and allow the organization to produce fast, dependable insights and improve the value of business analysis across the enterprise. Empower users with augmented analytics that include ETL for business users, smart data visualization and more!

Business users get support for day-to-day decisions and can quickly and easily test theories and hypotheses in a risk-free environment. The organization enjoys improved agility for business development and timely, accurate business decisions. The enterprise can transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists and optimize the resources of the skilled data scientist with a renewed focus on strategic projects and data analysis.

Data scientists can reduce involvement in day-to-day analysis and focus on projects that require 100% accuracy to achieve mature modeling goals. IT can use their time on more critical projects and avoid routine report and analytical requests.

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