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How many horror stories have you read in the press about privacy and security breaches across consumer and business applications? It seems these stories are published on a daily basis. Your business certainly doesn’t want (and cannot afford) a negative impact on business, revenue or reputation from a security breach. If you are not sure where you stand when it comes to application security or you are unhappy with your application security services, you should address these critical issues as soon as possible.



Find a partner that can provide a Vulnerability Assessment, security penetration testing, mobile application security services and a full spectrum of multi-layered security evaluations that will ensure the privacy of your data, your customers, partners, suppliers and business users.

Web application security and Application Security and standards compliance relates to internal business information like business strategy, proprietary data, pricing data, HR data, financial data, personnel and other critical information used to support and manage the organization. Application Security and a vulnerability assessment are critical to protect data managed or used by the business in interaction with stakeholders, collaborators or service providers. No matter the source or purpose of the information, a business must protect data, and ensure privacy or it might lose a critical business advantage. Poor application and information security can result in legal action against the organization. Security threats can come from inside or outside the enterprise and the implications can be devastating to the business, causing damage to reputation and threatening legal, financial and ethical integrity.

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