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When a business undertakes the development of an application, software product or website, it is crucial to thoroughly test the app, product or site before going live. The reputation of the organization is on the line when a new product or service is launched and consumers and users rarely give a company more than one chance to prove its dependability, usability and value.


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How many horror stories have you read in the press about privacy and security breaches across consumer and business applications? It seems these stories are published on a daily basis. Your business certainly doesn’t want (and cannot afford) a negative impact on business, revenue or reputation from a security breach. If you are not sure where you stand when it comes to application security or you are unhappy with your application security services, you should address these critical issues as soon as possible.


Case Study: Re-Engineering and Azure Cloud Migration for Idea Mgt Solution

Microsoft-Azure-Cloud-Migration-For-Idea-Management-Tool 2

Elegant MicroWeb helped a UK-based consulting and software company redesign tools to promote innovation in idea management by providing easy-to-use tools to share new ideas, rank and rate, brainstorm, debate and facilitate communication by providing in-depth reengineering services, and Cloud migration to Microsoft Azure with a seamless transition of data and application functionality and features, multilingual support, robust application security, and reduced hosting and management costs.