Offshore Application Security Testing Can Help Your Business!

Can I Get Help with Application Security Services?
Does Your Business Need Help with Application Security Services? When a business undertakes the development of an application, software product or website, it is crucial to thoroughly test the app, product or site before going live. The reputation of the organization is on the line when a new product or service is launched and consumers and users rarely give a company more than one chance to prove its dependability, usability and value.
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Is Your Application Security Sufficient?

Don't Wait! Get an Application Vulnerability Assessment!
Are You Unsure About Your Web Application Security? Get Help Now! How many horror stories have you read in the press about privacy and security breaches across consumer and business applications? It seems these stories are published on a daily basis. Your business certainly doesn't want (and cannot afford) a negative impact on business, revenue or reputation from a security breach. If you are not sure where you stand when it comes to application security or you are unhappy with your application security services, you should address these critical issues as soon as possible.
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Data Security is No Laughing Matter!

IT Security Standards: Serious Business!
Safe, Secure Data for Your Organization. Whether your business is global, regional or local, your business strategy must include a security component and comply with relevant standards, including industry standard information security, web application security, data security, security penetration testing, application security standards and interface standards. Some businesses must also enforce legal compliance standards or comply with government and industry regulations like HIPPA and Sarbanes-Oxley and depending on your industry and country, there may be specific, uniform standards like India's GIGW and CERTIN.
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Case Study: UK eDemocracy Co. Achieves Dependable Application Security and Standards Compliance

Elegant MicroWeb worked with a leading internet community, consultation and eDemocracy solution provider in the U.K. to help them achieve their application security and compliance objectives. Elegant MicroWeb provided a stable, high performance application architecture based on Microsoft platforms. Services included research, identification and interpretation of security practices, mapping of standards to technology platforms, identification, resolution, testing and implementation of standards and coordination of third party security verification.
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Application and Software Product Privacy Concerns are Growing

Global App Security and Privacy Concerns

A survey of over 1,200 mobile apps revealed that apps are accessing a large volume of personal information without adequate explaining this information is being used.

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Expert Mobile App Security Compliance Services Can Help You Avoid a ‘High Risk’ Rating


Expert Mobile App Security Compliance Services Can Help You Avoid a ‘High Risk’ Rating.