Choose the Right Self-Serve BI Tools and Ensure User Adoption!

When your business users are asked to take on yet another responsibility, they are likely to balk. Most companies are short-handed and expect more of their team members than ever before. There are a lot of good reasons to initiate data democratization and engage in digital transformation to modernize and improve the enterprise and to improve results. If the business can encourage data sharing and collaboration, it can also improve the shared knowledge of the team and create accountability and empowerment. In so doing, the business can leverage the knowledge and skill of each team member and ensure that every business user is working to their full potential with the all the information they need to solve problems and to capitalize on opportunities.

BUT, if your business intends to take this route, know this: team members WILL balk if you ask them to take on more responsibility or if you expect them to learn new, complex software solutions that take up their time and provide no discernable value to them in their role. That’s where self-serve business intelligence comes in! Self-serve BI tools are designed FOR business users to ensure that they will:

  • Benefit from the use of the tools
  • Perceive the value of the BI tools in helping to make decisions
  • Streamline their processes and help them get the job done quickly and efficiently
  • Help them share with other users to make decisions and manage processes
  • Advance their knowledge and make them more valuable in their role
  • Give them measurable results and information to make recommendations

When selecting a self-serve business intelligence solution, be sure to choose a reputable, dependable solution that provides tools specifically designed for business users with average technical and analytical skills. Features and navigation should be clear and intuitive and the foundation of analytics should be sophisticated enough to provide detail and allow for a deep dive, while still giving the user an easy path to gather and analyze data and to present it in a manner that makes sense to them and to their audience for reporting and for presentation.

Choose a Modern Business Intelligence Self-Serve BI Tool and solution to ensure that your users will adopt and leverage these tools to make fact-based decisions, to gather, analyze, present and share results.

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