Predictive Analytics is a Critical Component of an Augmented Analytics Suite!

Analytics and advanced analytics techniques can seem daunting to the average business user but they need not be. If a business wants its users to adopt and use analytics tools, an augmented analytics solution is the way to go. These solutions are easy to use and provide guidance and auto-recommendations to help users gather and analyze data using the right analytical technique.

Assisted Predictive Modeling provides the user with suggestions to help them choose the technique that is best for the type of data they want to analyze so results are clear and add value for making decisions. Predictive Modeling capability and auto-recommendations and auto-suggestions will simplify use and allow business users to leverage predictive algorithms without the expertise and skill of a Data Scientist.

These tools are designed for business users and allow the organization to apply predictive analytics to any use case. Business users can apply forecasting, regression, clustering and other methods to analyze an infinite number of use cases including customer churn, and planning for and target customers for acquisition, identify cross-sales opportunities, optimize pricing and promotional targets and analyze and predict customer preferences and buying behaviors.

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