Why Should My Business Want Citizen Data Scientists?

These days, it seems that every conference I attend, there is a discussion about Citizen Data Scientists. For some of my colleagues, the discussion seems irrelevant or, in some cases, daunting. If you are hesitant to embrace this type of initiative in your business, here are a few Gartner predictions that might convince you to at least consider this crucial shift in business culture and data literacy.

  • Through 2025, 80% of organizations seeking to scale digital business will fail because they do not take a modern approach to data and analytics governance.
  • By 2021 (that’s THIS year, by the way), 50% of analytical queries will be generated via search, NLP or voice, or will be automatically generated.
  • By 2021, automation of data science tasks will enable Citizen Data Scientists to produce a higher volume of advanced analysis, than specialized data scientists
  • By 2025, a scarcity of data scientists will no longer hinder the adoption of data science and machine learning in organizations.
  • …and perhaps the most important prediction: By 2022, augmented analytics will be ubiquitous, but only 10% of users will use it to its full potential.

So, what does this all mean? It means that businesses that do not transform business users into Citizen Data Scientists will not have the leverage to improve time to market, improve competition, improve decision-making and collaboration and improve customer satisfaction and product placement in the market. It also means that, in order to leverage a Citizen Data Scientist approach, the business MUST embrace augmented analytics and modern business intelligence. Without the right tools, your business is likely to be among those mentioned in the last bulleted prediction above!

The fact is, you can’t make the required cultural shift and enable your business users to adopt data analytics if you don’t have a simple, intuitive augmented analytics solution that will provide insightful business intelligence and a platform to support the average team member with easy-to-use tools that don’t require a data science background.

WITH the right tools, a Citizen Data Scientist can collaborate, share data and make meaningful contributions to goals and objectives.

If you want your business users to promote, collaborate and adopt the use of data to support a Citizen Data Scientist initiative, enhance digital transformation and improve data literacy, it is important to provide a strong Advanced Analytics foundation with feature and functionality that are suitable for team members. Visit our Blog to find out more about the Citizen Data Scientist initiatives and support for these programs.

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