The Power of Advanced Data Discovery is for Everyone!

Deliver Advanced Analytics to Business Users with Augmented Data Discovery!

Smart data discovery is not dependent on a few geniuses sitting in a science lab somewhere! With appropriate data discovery tools your team members can leverage their knowledge of their role and domain, and the needs of their division, team or business unit to find the data and insight that is most meaningful to them.



Advanced Data Discovery is no longer the exclusive domain of data scientists, analysts and IT. No, advanced analytics is for everyone. Augmented Analytics is growing in popularity and is more comprehensive and easier to use than ever before. The concept of smart discovery does not require a genius or a complex Advanced Analytics Tool that requires weeks of training.

The magic of Augmented Data Discovery is its sophisticated analytical techniques and algorithms packaged in an easy-to-use interface with auto-recommendations, suggestions and guidance to show users the easiest way to prepare data, view data and select appropriate algorithms to leverage the best analytical technique.

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Original Post: The Power of Advanced Data Discovery is for Everyone!