Why Democratize Business Intelligence? Lots of Reasons!

Perhaps you have resisted the temptation to democratize data in your organization. Your resistance may come from in-house, in the form of those who tell you that data governance is impossible in an environment where you spread your data far and wide. Perhaps you believe that the average business user cannot and will not use business intelligence tools, so any expense or time to implement such a solution would be wasteful. Perhaps you feel that the value of such a solution and of user adoption of these tools is overrated, and that ROI and TCO would not be worth the time and effort.

No matter the reason for your resistance, I can tell you that the value of a self-serve business intelligence solution is, if anything, underrated!  Well-chosen BI tools can democratize data, provide the tools your users need to make fact-based decisions and ensure that work product is timely, that recommendations are based on clear, concise data rather than guesswork and opinion, and that business users who adopt and use these tools can better leverage their own professional knowledge and skill and combine that skill with data to gain insight, collaborate and share data and perform their individual roles more effectively.

Here are just a few reasons to consider democratizing data and the use of business intelligence tools:

  • Improve Productivity and Collaboration
  • Gain Clarity and Improve Accuracy of Decisions and Work Product
  • Improve Data Literacy
  • Optimize Data Scientist and Business Analyst Resources
  • Increase Insight and Problem Solving
  • Capitalize on Opportunities

As they say, information is power, and business users and even analysts can miss critical trends, struggle to solve problems and lose crucial time and energy trying to sift through data and information spread across the enterprise. By bringing this data together in a self-serve environment, business users can test theories and identify patterns, trends and anomalies, without waiting for IT or data scientists to deliver reports.

If your business wants a Business Intelligence Solution that provides out-of-the-box functionality based on your industry or business function, and application integration capability, you can start here: Self-Serve Business Intelligence In Action.

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